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Vice President Wu Cong was invited to attend the 2019 Custom

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On November 22, 2019, qifu group's 2019 customer exchange and thank-you meeting was held ceremoniously in kaiyuan hall of kaiyuan mingdu hotel.  Nearly 200 entrepreneurs from 15 industries including intelligent manufacturing, mechanical equipment, electronic and photoelectric, environmental protection and new materials gathered together to discuss ways of enterprise development. Wu cong, vice president of zias, was invited to attend.

Provide complete closed-loop service for enterprise growth.
Speech by Zhang Jianjun, President of Qifu Group

Zhang Jiangjun, president of Qifu Group, elaborated Qifu Group's value proposition with 12 PPT: "Qifu Makes Enterprise Output Value Billion".  Over the past 18 years, Qifu Group has worked intensively on the service of scientific and technological enterprises, and has established a complete closed-loop service system of "site selection-opening-growth-development-secondary site selection" around the growth of enterprises.

The "prizes" for everyone's prize-winning link are provided by enterprises in qifu science and technology park and qifu service enterprises. they are respectively provided by 8 enterprises, namely PepsiCo food (China) co., ltd., Shanghai wanlai environmental protection technology co., ltd., Songjiang telecommunication bureau, zias (Shanghai) internet of things technology co., ltd., Shanghai shenshi internet of things technology co., ltd., Shanghai baisheng leather co., ltd., Shanghai ruici health examination management co., ltd., Shanghai zhongyi electronic technology co., ltd. and saifeiqi (Shanghai) monitoring technology co., ltd.  It not only enlivens the scene, but also increases the communication between enterprises.