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Zias and you will meet at the "turkey International Plastics

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"Turkey International Plastics Industry Exhibition" plasteurasia 2019

Turkey international plastic industry exhibition was founded in 1990 and held once a year, with the strong support of Turkey Plastic Association. It has formed a large scale in Turkey and has a certain influence on the plastic industry. Currently, it is a professional exhibition of the plastic industry in Turkey. The 28th Turkey international plastic industry exhibition in 2018 has achieved a complete success. The net area of the exhibition is over 100000 square meters. 1094 exhibitors from 44 countries all over the world have come to the exhibition and produced their own new products and technical achievements. According to the statistics of the exhibition site, 90% of the exhibitors have affirmed the exhibition. 51684 professional visitors from Turkey and surrounding countries visited the exhibition, 98.7% of them said that they realized their original intention through the exhibition, saying that the exhibition was a successful event; Turkey's market demand is strong, and the exhibition provides a convenient platform for all parties to negotiate and trade. In addition, Chinese products are excellent in quality and low in price, after years of development And technological innovation, has been more and more customers around the world.
Turkey is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. It has convenient transportation. It is a traditional farming and animal husbandry country with good agriculture and basic self-sufficiency in grain, cotton, vegetables, fruits and meat. However, due to the rapid development of Turkey's economy, it has a great demand for plastic rubber products and related industries. The strong demand of Turkey market for plastic rubber makes the success of Turkey International Plastic Industry Exhibition inevitable. The exhibition provides a comprehensive and convenient platform for both parties to negotiate and trade. In addition, Chinese products are of high quality and low price. After years of development and technological innovation, they have been favored by more and more merchants from all over the world. The 2011 Turkey International Plastics Industry Exhibition will be an excellent opportunity for Chinese enterprises to once again impact the European rubber and plastic market, providing you with a platform to display their products and a channel to enter the Turkish market; zias, as a manufacturer of sensors and the Internet of things and a high-tech enterprise advocating environmental protection and high-temperature melt pressure sensors, was invited to participate in the exhibition; zias sincerely We invite you to participate in this exhibition; we are with you at booth 1421b, tuyap Exhibition Center, Istanbul, Turkey.

Exhibition Dates & Hours

December 4 ━ 7, 2019, 

December 4-6 10:00-19:00,