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2019 blending intelligent manufacturing summit hosted by cha

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On November 14, 2019 blending Intelligent Manufacturing - lean production, sponsored by chain plastics network, opened a new manufacturing mode of blending in Shangri Da Hotel, Suzhou. The meeting gathered nearly 300 professionals from upstream and downstream of the modified plastics industry, including process engineers and production managers, to discuss the new manufacturing mode of the blending plant. Ge Rui, assistant president of qias company, was invited to attend the meeting.

Zias focuses on the measurement and control of the pressure and temperature of the blending and extrusion equipment. Zias team has 20 years of experience in the field of sensors. Our core members have studied in the field of electronics and mechanics for more than 50 years. We focus on the R & D and production of pressure sensors, liquid level sensors, pressure and temperature control instruments and temperature sensors. We are in the field of high temperature melt pressure sensors With outstanding achievements in the field of instruments, the team of zias has created haoying measurement and control and dynisco China company and launched ehco series products; since 2018, we have mass produced high-temperature melt pressure sensors and high-temperature melt pressure gauges without mercury filling, so as to keep customers away from the harm of mercury (mercury). And obtained invention patents, ROHS, CE certification, zias is China's national high-tech enterprises