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Salesman for domestic sales

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Recruitment:Salesman for domestic sales
Release time:2016-11-9 14:55:03
Number: 2
Sex: Male or Female
Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for product sales and promotion
2. Finish department sales quota according to the marketing plan.
3. Explore new market,develop new client,expand sale range of product;
4. Responsible for information collection of your belonged market area and rival status analysis
5. Responsible for marketing event planning and execution on your sales territory, and finish your sales target;
6. Maintain and manage close relationships and long-term strategic cooperation project

1. College degree or above ,marketing major preferred
2. Skilled at office software especially at PowerPoint report making and Excel data compilation.
3.Quick-minded,strong expression and communicating ability ,good communicative skills ,with easy-going and kind charater;
4. Be of certain ability to do market analysis and judgment,good awareness of customer service;
5. Have sense of responsibility and can work under high pressure:with teamwork spirit and willing to accept challenge. 
Promotion mechanism: sales representative  —>   sales exectutive   —>  sales manager   —>  sales director