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Salesman for foreign sales

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Recruitment:Salesman for foreign sales
Release time:2016-11-4 16:58:58
Number: 2
Sex: Male or Female
Job responsibilities:


1. Implement company trade business and trade rules ,explore market

2. Contact clients,making quotation document,take part in business negotiation and contract signing;  

3. Responsible for production tracking ,delivery and on-spot inspection of loading;  

4.Responsible for document review, customs declaration and settlement,after-sale service and so on;  

5. Client development and maintenance;  

6. Sorting and filing of business related documen and report of relevant business work;


1. College degree or above,major like international trade and business English is preferred;  

2. Familiar with trade operations and relevant laws and regulations,have basic knowledge in trade field ;

3. Proficient English level ,skillful computer operation level,people possessing custome declaration certificate or relevant trade certificate is preferred

4. Excellent business development capabilities and business negotiation skill,strong sense of public relation and enterprising,have teamwork spirit and ability to work independently,dare to explore and innovate.

Promotion Mechanismforeign trade specialist   —> foreign trade exective   —>   foreign trade manager