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Electronic engineer

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Recruitment:Electronic engineer
Release time:2016-11-4 16:52:14
Number: 2
Sex: Male or Female
Job responsibilities:




1. Responsible for product circuit design ,improvement and debugging

2.Responsible for quality control and improvement of product circuit

3. Provide with technical support on electronic aspect and consultation on product application.





1. Colleage degree or above ,people majoring in elctronics,communication,automatic control or relevant major are preferred.

2.Familiar with electronic components ,working principle of common transducer,analogue circuit design of small signal and common digital signal processing algorithm.

3.Familiar with microcomputer principle ,single-chip microcomputer,C programming language and skillful mastery of Visual Studio software development tools. 

4. Over One-year independent circuit design experiences,applicants with sensor industry experiences preferred.

5. Earnest,positive and responsible working attitude with good teamwork spirit and ability to cooperate and communicate.

6. Can be accustomed to business trip for on-spot installation and debugging.