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Operative worker

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Recruitment:Operative worker
Release time:2016-11-4 17:02:30
Number: 5
Sex: Male or Female
Job responsibilities:

1. Reasonably arrange and finish with quality all productionn tasks assigned by company or deparment

2. Do well in on-site management ,proceeding with 5s process

3. Responsible for making workshop working goal for production ,quality and cost

4. Check working condition of equipment regularly,do the daily maintenance job,report problems found and dispose in time ,ensure safety production operation.




1. High school degree or college degree or above,applicants majoring mechanical&manufacturing engineering and automation preferred

2. Trained in production management ,quality management and product knowlege.

3. Over one-year on-site workshop managerial experiences

4. Familiar with company product ,technological process and working principle

5. Skillful mastery of company products and relevant application on production technologies

6. Honest, active and dedicated working spirit with strong responsibility.

7. Hard-working and can bear hardships,be of teamwork spirit.

Promotion mechanismgeneral worker   —>  senior worker   —>   group leader   —>   production backbone   —>   production manager

Welfare and subsidiesmedical checkupfive insurances and housing fund,  accommodation provided, traffic  allowance,weekends rest,meal allowance,housing allowance